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  • "From developer Grey May comes Speed Kittens, one of the cutest and most unique iOS games I’ve played this year."

    Cassidee M., Leviathyn
  • "Honestly, the more I type about this game, the more I feel like I’m trying to sell water to a desert refugee. I mean, did you read those last few sentences? Everything about this game screams “play me and be doused in adorableness.”"

    Ryan Winslett, Gaming Blend
  • "Relax - the cats knew what they signed up for. These aren't your standard alley cats but fearless felines of the sky, such as R Lion, S Kitten and the highly enthusiastic Big Cat, all of them out to save their milk at any cost."

    Andrew Williams, Bytten
  • "Cat lovers rejoice! A top notch game featuring the felines is finally here. Speed Kittens is a fun game that is easy to learn and very addictive."

    Jesse Lifshitz, AbleGamers

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